Jewelry Care Guide

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Jewelry Care

To some people, jewelry is a big part of their day to day lives, and some of their most precious possessions, which means that learning how to take proper care of them is necessary. There's the most obvious method which is regularly taking them to a jewelry shop, but it might be overwhelming and time consuming, hence why we will provide some tips and ways for jewelry care that can be done right at home. It usually depends on the type of jewelry and material that they are made of, but in many cases the techniques are similar.

Store jewelry properly

First of which is storing jewelry in a clean, dry space, preferably in a fabric lined case, and keeping space between them in order to avoid contact and scratching.

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Keep away from chemicals

Secondly, keeping jewelry away from chemicals that may damage them, for example while using cleaning products or while going into a swimming pool or even in the shower, taking off jewelry is the best option, because those products that you come in contact with may very well do a great deal of harm to your jewelry.

Jewelry Cloth

And lastly, when cleaning jewelry, using products specifically designed for that purpose, along with a soft, damp cloth that would not scratch your jewelry.

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