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Most frequent questions and answers

Bamina Jewelry’s reputation is built on high-quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround times. The same precise, multi-step QC procedure drives these two major elements of our business.


Before shipping, our QC staff inspects each item at each stage of production (wax injection, casting, filing, stone setting, polishing, plating, packing, etc.). This strict attention to quality control not only assures the final product’s quality, but also helps us to discover and avoid possible problems that, if left unchecked, might result in more significant delays farther down the manufacturing line. As a consequence, we are able to meet all due dates on a continuous basis.

All goods are tested by our quality assurance team against our own stringent quality standards, as well as any additional criteria our clients request.

We are audited every six months by local authorities and other agencies as members of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce to verify that we are following industry best organizational, corporate, and environmental standards.

We have been audited by individual customers in addition to the above-mentioned routine local audits, and we invite prospective clients to visit our facilities for a tour.

We manufacture 70,000 – 90,000 pieces per month on average, and our existing workforce can easily handle 110,000 – 130,000 pieces per month. Of course, we operate with a high degree of flexibility, are delighted to expand with our clients, and can scale up our capacity at a sustainable rate if necessary.

Our ODM designs have a minimum order quantity of 30 – 50 pieces per design. These can be divided into plating and/or stone color categories.


For example, for a particular design, you may order 15 silver pieces, 15 yellow gold vermeil pieces, and 15 rose gold vermeil pieces.

Clients that desire to develop their own OEM designs are encouraged to contact us so that we may give further information on minimum OEM order quantities.


Mold expenses for OEM manufacturing vary depending on the design’s complexities, however prices typically range from 80 to 150 USD. Customers who place orders of 200 pieces or more for a given design after the sample’s final approval are exempt from any mold development expenses.

We use 925 sterling silver as well as 9k/10k/14k/18k gold.

Brass, stainless steel, and other metal alloys are not among the materials we work with.

Depending on the customer’s desire, we ship by UPS, DHL, or Fedex.

We have ten designers on staff and provide a wide range of custom design services to meet the demands of each customer.

For certain companies, we make examples in precise compliance with the requirements supplied, while for others, we work with the design teams to co-develop new concepts. In other situations, we perform all of the design work ourselves, using only a client’s basic idea or directions to build on a client’s current collections as a guideline.

Yes. Both Rhino and Matrix CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software systems are well-known among our CAD professionals.

Depending on the complexities of the design, CADs may generally be generated in 2–3 days.

We don’t have a separate brand.


We are proud to manufacture for a variety of different companies across the world (OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing), the majority of which are headquartered in continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

We apologise that we are unable to respond to your inquiry owing to our firm’s stringent non-disclosure policy for each of our valued clients, to whom we strive to provide the greatest levels of confidentiality.

If we decide to collaborate, this policy will, of course, apply to your brand as well.

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