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Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

Custom Jewellery Making Process

Welcome to Bamina Jewelry, Istanbul’s leading custom jewelry manufacturer. We excel in transforming your unique visions into exquisite, bespoke pieces that showcase your personal style. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail ensures that each piece is a timeless treasure. Inspired by Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage, we guarantee jewelry that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Our exquisite creations are crafted using premium gold and sterling silver, ensuring the highest quality in each piece of custom jewelry.

We offer a variety of stunning plating options, including gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, rhodium, and oxidation, to suit your unique preferences.

Experience swift production with sampling in just 1-2 weeks and bulk orders completed within 2-4 weeks.


Benefit from our flexible minimum order quantities, with 20-30 pieces for silver jewelry and 5-10 pieces for gold jewelry.

Our competitive pricing is determined by the intricacy of the design and the metals used, allowing for affordable luxury.

For your convenience, we provide reliable and efficient shipping services through DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

OEM and ODM Jewellery

Over the last 10 years, Bamina Jewelry has been providing a one-stop solution for brand jewelers in terms of OEM/ODM and customized work. We can create a great art jewelry collection in fine jewelry making using just your thoughts, photos, or CAD designs.

We provide ODM/OEM services for 100% real gold and sterling silver rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and pearl jewelry, including women rings, sterling silver cross necklaces, heart necklaces, white gold earrings, and gold tennis bracelets, with personalized logos and packaging.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

We support women entrepreneurs and startups who want to make their own jewellery brand

We provide the best support for women entrepreneurship and startups who want to make their own jewellery brand. Bamina Jewelry as custom jewelry manufacturer will support you in all phases from concept, design, prototyping and  finished product. We are open and transparent in our pricing, so that you can have clear picture and understanding on what it costs to start your own jewelry business.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

We have a responsibility to preserve our clients’ privacy, thus we are unable to reveal their identities or any other information about their operations.
Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve our solutions so that we can provide even more value to our clients in all capacities.
Your intellectual property rights are respected by us. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) would be signed prior to the start of the manufacturing process. This is to ensure that your unique design is never shared with anybody else under any circumstances.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

In our manufacturing plant, not a single piece of the metal strap would be thrown away. We make jewelry made entirely of recycled silver and gold by utilizing our production expertise. Metal scraps generated during the treeing process, for example, will be recycled back into the system and used to create other magnificent pieces of jewelry.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

As a custom jewelry manufacturer, we are dedicated to crafting pieces that epitomize both elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. Our process of creating jewelry is thorough and precise, ensuring that every piece aligns with our rigorous standards of quality and design. Join us on a journey through the nine vital steps that transform our unique visions into breathtaking, bespoke creations.


Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

Enameling is a decorative technique that involves fusing a glass of a certain composition to the surrounding or underlaying metal. Enameling has been practiced since ancient times, yet its exact beginnings are unclear. Excavations in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in the 1950s uncovered the earliest known specimens of cloisonné enameled jewelry, which date from the 13th and 11th centuries BC.

Enamels are little glass particles that are put to metal to give it color. Enamels are usually applied to metal surfaces by dry sifting the particles onto the surface or by wet packing the enamels into channels or depressions.

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Gold Vermeil consists of a base metal onto which a layer of Gold is placed. We start off with Sterling Silver as the base metal, then the Gold (18ct. as a max) is applied through electroplating it onto the Sterling silver base, which results in them fusing together. The Gold layer has to be at least 2.5 Microns thick, which provides us with a luxury product made of a real gold layer.

Turkish jewelry manufacturer

Collaborating with Bamina Jewelry as a Turkish jewelry manufacturer offers numerous advantages for creating custom jewelry. Our exceptional craftsmanship, competitive pricing, unique design inspiration, and excellent customer service make them an ideal choice for your custom jewelry needs. By choosing a Turkish jewelry manufacturer, you can create stunning, high-quality pieces that will set your brand apart in the competitive global market.

Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

As a sustainable jewelry manufacturer, we’re committed to creating luxurious, environmentally friendly jewelry. Our processes, from sourcing to delivery, are designed to minimize our environmental footprint. We use recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones, discouraging harmful mining practices. Sustainability for us is not just a trend; it’s an integral part of our company culture. We strive to educate our customers about the importance of eco-friendly practices, offering a recycling program for their old jewelry. We’re dedicated to producing beautiful pieces that contribute to a sustainable future, proving that elegance and environmental responsibility can coexist. Choose us for jewelry that doesn’t compromise the wellbeing of our planet.

Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

Starting a jewellery line is the first step on a path of continuous improvement and discovery. Keep an eye on trends and heed your customers’ feedback. Embrace innovation and be ready to adjust. Your collection will not just shine but also serve as an inspiration.

In summary, the journey of establishing a jewellery line, with the support of a custom jewellery manufacturer, blends challenges with opportunities for success. Every phase, from concept to customer, is crucial. Remain dedicated to your unique vision. Be mindful of expenses, including design and mold costs, labor charges, metal prices, and the choice of gemstones and diamonds. With commitment and resilience, your jewellery line is destined to stand out in a crowded market.

Jewellery Manufacturing Services


Jewellery Design

Design tailored to your needs based on the samples that you provide or original sketches that we develop at your request. ​

We recognize that jewellery design is all about a spark of creativity. That’s why we accept any type of referenced data and information from designers, including CAD files, PDF files, hand-drawn drawings, and even spoken explanations with googled pictures. Our skilled artisans will turn your imaginative ideas into real works of art.

Jewellery 3D Design

CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) models that maximize quality, minimize the costs and realize your vision.

Our jewellery design team will take your ideas and turn them into reality, starting with basic napkin sketches. During the development stage, a variety of techniques will be employed, including hand drawings, CAD drafting, 3D printing, and modeling. Your design will be rendered in 2D and 3D models, and you may buy a prototype to test the quality and attention to detail before ordering in mass.

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3. 3d modelling scaled

Jewellery Prototype

Traditional jewelry design techniques like hand sketching and drafting are still widely employed in jewelry manufacturing. However, for a variety of reasons, we use computer-aided design (CAD) software tools to develop a unique jewelry prototype. A jewelry prototype may be easily reproduced  using a computer-controlled production process by using a CAD model of a ring, bracelet, earrings, or other types of jewelry. This is simpler than traditional jewelry creation methods, which need a high level of competence in order to minimize mistakes and save time.

The wax pieces are formed from the rubber molds created from the silver master in this phase. On the commercial wax injector machine, the rubber mold is installed. To make wax models for casting, molten wax is pumped into the mold cavity under pressure.

5. filling 1 scaled

Jewellery Filling

Filling with precious instruments to fully achieve the desired product shape.

Filling is the process of removing any surplus metal from a piece of metal and smoothing off the surface. This step is required to ensure that each piece of jewelry is in the best possible condition.

Jewellery Stone Setting

Setting by expert craftsmen who excel in placing stones securely and efficiently.

4. stone setting scaled
polishing 2 scaled

Jewellery Polishing

Polishing in multiple stages in order to ensure the perfect finish for every piece.

Polishing, like filling, entails the employment of many materials to ensure that the object is polished properly. The goal is to make the metal shine and be free of blemishes, giving it a high-end appearance. High-speed polishing equipment and cleaning baths are commonly used.

Quality Control

Quality Control at every stage of production, followed by a final pre-shipment check.

Professional jewellers do not sell gold jewelry that has not been subjected to stringent quality controls. When everything is completed and the piece is declared done, a team of devoted specialists examines the jewel for any faults or blemishes.

9. quality control scaled

Zero Import Taxes

In today’s world, countries have a tendency to engage in bilateral and regional FTAs because of World Trade Organization’s (WTO) under achievement in high level of liberalization, WTO’s regulations’ being not enough in today’s conditions and inefficiency of the multilateral trade system to provide better market access. As a result of this tendency, there are approximately 400 FTAs which are notified to WTO.

Turkey, in line with the tendency in the world for negotiating FTAs and its Custom Union obligation, negotiates and concludes free trade agreements with third countries in parallel with the EU. Together with the EU Common Customs Tariff, the preferential trade regimes constitute the most important part of the trade policy applied towards third countries.

Currently, Turkey has 20 FTAs in force; namely,  EFTA, Israel, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Albania, Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia, Chile, Mauritius, South Korea, Malaysia, Moldova, Faroe Islands and Singapore.

Also, Turkey has been conducting negotiations to extend the scope of its existing FTAs with an aim to update and deepen their scope. To this extent, the negotiations with EFTA, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are concluded and the negotiations with Georgia and  Malaysia will be finalized in the near future.  

Meanwhile, there are 17 countries/country blocs that Turkey has started FTA negotiations. Turkey has been actively engaged in negotiations with 9 of them; namely Japan, Ukraine, Peru, , Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey continues its efforts to speed up the process for our remaining ongoing FTA negotiations with Dem. Rep of Congo, Djibouti, Cameroon, Chad, Seychelles, Gulf Cooperation Council, Libya and MERCOSUR. Moreover, Turkey has launched initiatives to start negotiations with 8 countries/country blocs, which are the USA, Canada, India, Vietnam, Central American Countries, other ACP Countries, Algeria, and South Africa.

Lastly, Turkey has established a Working Group with the United Kingdom due to Brexit in order to sustain the current bilateral market access structure in the short term, and to establish a deep and comprehensive FTA in medium-long term.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

Bamina Jewelry offers custom wholesale jewellery to retailers, wholesalers and individuals. With colored gemstones and diamonds from around the world, we craft beautiful jewellery with a perfect fit for your brand image.

We are a one-stop factory for all your custom jewellery needs. We shape, design and manufacture your pieces from conception to completion. Our process is simple; we work with you through the entire process, transforming your concept into reality.

We manage the entire process of turning your idea into a tangible product that you can own and enjoy. We want you to have the perfect jewellery, so our craftsmen are ready to make adjustments to your pieces until you are 100% happy.

We facilitate our clients to create their own designs or work on their products. We offer these services to jewellery designers, brands and wholesalers.

Our 10+ years of experience creating high-quality jewelry has given us the expertise in designing, manufacturing and creating a stunning range of pieces. We have a studio and a 3D printer, which we use to create designs and prototypes. This enables us to work closely with our clients to create the best pieces possible.

Years of designing and manufacturing experience in our factory gives us the opportunity to examine closely your design and suggest improvements.

We work with designers and stylists, smaller boutiques and aspiring entrepreneurs to create handcrafted jewellery collections. Our business is to enhance your business.

We’re glad you came to us, as we’re experts in making custom pieces of jewellery. You provide us with an idea and we’ll give you a finished product!

Have you been looking for a jewellery designer or manufacturer? We offer custom design and manufacturing. Contact us for a free quote on your custom piece.

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