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Gold and 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Production

We manufacture  925 sterling silver and 9K/10K/14K/18K gold jewellery in a variety of finishes, stone settings, and platings that are all applied in accordance with the demands of our clients. Our experts also thrive at customizing the manufacturing process to meet the specific requirements of each customer, whether that means creating unique mechanical components, utilizing novel materials, or adding a brand’s distinctive matte to a piece.  Bamina Jewelry is one of the jewelry manufacturers which  produce high-quality  jewelry at competitive prices. With a state-of-the-art production facility in the Istanbul Turkey, we have earned a reputation among our  clients

Jewelry Design

Design customized to your requirements based on the examples you supply or unique sketches we create at your request.

Computer Aided Design

CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) models that achieve your vision while maximizing quality and lowering costs.

Rapid Production Prototype

We use 3D printing technology to deliver the prototype.

Jewelry Model Making

The resin output from the CAM is transformed into a silver model during the casting process. The silver model is a copy of a master design from which many jewelry pieces with similar designs are produced.

Jewelry Rubber Mould

An essential step in the manufacturing process is the creation of molds. It makes it easier to make numerous pieces of jewelry with the same pattern.

Waxing/Wax Tree

An essential step in the manufacturing process is the creation of molds. It makes it easier to make numerous pieces of jewelry with the same pattern.

Jewelry Casting

To obtain the desired outcome, casting is a highly complex procedure that requires the use of highly qualified and experienced casters. The wax tree is put in a steel flask with a slurry of chemical powder within, and after an hour, the slurry solidifies.

Jewelry Grinding

There will be a small nub where the gold or silver piece was attached to the sprue when you remove the raw casting from the casting tree. The nub, which functions as an abrasive to smooth the surface of the gold or silver piece/jewelry, is removed by the polisher using a motorized grinding machine.

Jewelry Filling

Using priceless tools to completely create the desired product shape.

Jewelry Stone Setting

Stones are set by skilled artisans who excel at doing it quickly and securely.

Jewelry Polishing

Various phases of polishing to guarantee each piece has the ideal shine.

Jewelry Plating

Depending on your needs, we provide 14K, 18K, rose gold, and rhodium gold plating.

Jewelry Sampling

You receive the samples from us. After receiving your approval, we begin production.

Quality Control

Every stage of production is subject to quality control, and then there is a last pre-shipment inspection.

Jewelry Packaging

Packing and shipping carried out in accordance with your requests.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Bamina Jewelry pays close attention to each and every stage of the manufacturing process. When making many pieces of jewelry, a mold is essential. Mold-making is an extremely delicate procedure, which Bamina has mastered.

Rubber Mold Making
wax model making

A wax model, also known as a cast or pattern, is a model of the final product made from a precursor material. Wax is the greatest material for jewelry elements since it can be built up into practically any shape you can imagine of.

A pattern cluster, or tree, is created by gluing multiple wax patterns onto a so-called wax tree; a tree can include as many as several hundred patterns. A hot metal tool is used to adhere patterns to the sprue.

wax tree building
casting jewelry scaled


Our most up-to-date casting equipment are outfitted with computer-controlled programs that allow us to retain precise control throughout the whole casting process, resulting in the finest quality porosity-free castings.

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